I’m Back …


It’s been a long time … well … 9 months… since I have posted an update … and almost as long since I have done any stitching … Life and other things just got in the way..

So.. in an attempt to rejoin the blogging and stitching world I offer this update.

Let’s see… when last I posted, I was mid stream into the Crazy January Challenge of 2011 … I selected 15 projects, one begun on each of the 1st 15 days of January … Then, I was to complete them by December 31, 2011 … HA !! that didn’t happen ..

I did complete

1.  “Paws and Stripes Furever”  by Stitchy Kitty

Paws and Stripes2.21.11

Stitched on 18 Ct. light blue evenweave using DMC and Needle Necessities threads.  I still need to go to my LNS and get a little flag button to attach in the middle paw print.

2.  “ Don’t Do Froggin”  by Cat’s Wiskers

Don't do Frogging Front 2.4.11

Don't do Frogging back 2.4.11

Stitched on off white 28 ct. evenweave Using DMC Threads.  I finished it with green polka dot fabric and stitched it into a Scissors Keep.

3.  “Be a Witch”  by Shepherd’s Bush


Stitched on 28 ct. evenweave using DMC thread

4.   “Web of Stash”  by Glendon Place

Web of Stash2.7.11

Stitched on 28 ct. Sand Cashel linen using Weeks Dye Works thread.

5.  “Flying Monkeys” by Glory Bee

Flying Monkeys2.25.11

Stitched on 28 ct. Lime Cashel linen using Weeks Dye Works thread.

6.  “Shamrocks and Ribbons” by Stitchers

Shamrocks and Ribbons

Stitched on 14 ct. Mint Green Aida using Anchor and Weeks Dye Works thread.


7.  “Trick or Treat Tree”  by Heart Strings

Stitched on 28 ct. Off White evenweave using DMC thread.


That leaves 8 UFO’s from this Challenge… that I hope to finish up thie year … (I have 2 projects I would like to start soon but want to get further along on the left overs from last year.

Currently I am working on the cute “Nickademus” by Raise the Roof Designs..  I am stitching a pair of these to be finished as ornaments to contribute to the Stitchers Corp.. for this year.  It is a great group of stitchers that stitch pairs of ornaments that are sent to deployed military personnel and their families in December. 

TUSAL 5.3.11

Here is a snap of my TUSAL for the May New Moon.  Crying faceSadly, my stitching mojo got up and went about a month ago and hasn’t returned…

I am due to receive a Round Robin any day so maybe I can get back into the swing of stitching.

TUSAL 4.03.2011

Well, my blogging mojo has been a bit wanting lately.  I have been doing more reading than stitching the last month or so, but did complete a Round Robin piece, so I had a little bit of green and white snippits to add to my TUSAL jar.

It’s been a while…


…since my last post.  Golly, I hadn’t realized that my last post was almost a month ago. 


My stitching mojo has been all but non existent the last few weeks.  I did manage to finish up a Round Robin piece from the ILCS Yahoo group I am in.  The piece is Arlette’s who lives in France.  I am not sure about the designer, but her piece is stitched on 28 CT. Mint Green Cashel Linen (my fav.) using green and white DMC.  Each section is a different little sampler and is going to be a really pretty piece when completed.  Here is a snap of my section:

Arlettes RR

I also did a little stitching on my Crazy 15 Challenge and have a blurb on my Crazy 15 Challenge Blog.

TUSAL 3.04.2011

And now for my Totally Useless Stitch Along for the month of February thru March 3.. I have added quite a bit of orts, some thread bands and even a broken button (had to replace one on HunnyB's sleeve) I tossed in for good measure...

It’s been a while…

….since my last update but I have been busy stitching.  I deviated from my Challenge projects stitching a cute little needle case.  I can’t decide what name to stitch on it… whether to gift it to a friendly stitcher or keep it myself??  I love fantasy pieces with dragons, fairies, castles, wizards and have stitched several pieces along this theme…


This little piece is by Teresa Wentzler and was such fun to stitch.  The entire dragon is stitched using a blended needle with purples and blues.  There are also specialty stitches in white threads and beads to accent. 

TW Needlebook


I have posted updates of my Challenge pieces finished this last couple of weeks on my other page so check them out. 

Speaking of Frogs

Day 3’s project is the cutest little scissors case and I just love the wording…I Don’t Do Frogging….I Do Reverse Stitching…  I think I will adopt this as my theme of rippin out stitches when those little errors in counting occur.


Here is a snap of the two sections that will be stitched together with a ribbon threaded through scissors.  I just love the polka dot lining fabric.  It is really a neat little concept.  I would love to keep these but they will be a gift to one of my fellow stitchers.

Don't do Frogging Front 2.4.11

Don't do Frogging back 2.4.11