Speaking of Frogs

Day 3’s project is the cutest little scissors case and I just love the wording…I Don’t Do Frogging….I Do Reverse Stitching…  I think I will adopt this as my theme of rippin out stitches when those little errors in counting occur.


Here is a snap of the two sections that will be stitched together with a ribbon threaded through scissors.  I just love the polka dot lining fabric.  It is really a neat little concept.  I would love to keep these but they will be a gift to one of my fellow stitchers.

Don't do Frogging Front 2.4.11

Don't do Frogging back 2.4.11

TUSAL ~ February

Ahhh,  the TUSAL aka. Totally Useless Stitch A Long ..
Here is a snap of my TUSAL on February 3, 2011.  I have added several snips, orts, some thread bands and a string or two of fabric threads.