TUSAL 5.3.11

Here is a snap of my TUSAL for the May New Moon.  Crying faceSadly, my stitching mojo got up and went about a month ago and hasn’t returned…

I am due to receive a Round Robin any day so maybe I can get back into the swing of stitching.

TUSAL 4.03.2011

Well, my blogging mojo has been a bit wanting lately.  I have been doing more reading than stitching the last month or so, but did complete a Round Robin piece, so I had a little bit of green and white snippits to add to my TUSAL jar.

It’s been a while…


…since my last post.  Golly, I hadn’t realized that my last post was almost a month ago. 


My stitching mojo has been all but non existent the last few weeks.  I did manage to finish up a Round Robin piece from the ILCS Yahoo group I am in.  The piece is Arlette’s who lives in France.  I am not sure about the designer, but her piece is stitched on 28 CT. Mint Green Cashel Linen (my fav.) using green and white DMC.  Each section is a different little sampler and is going to be a really pretty piece when completed.  Here is a snap of my section:

Arlettes RR

I also did a little stitching on my Crazy 15 Challenge and have a blurb on my Crazy 15 Challenge Blog.

TUSAL 3.04.2011

And now for my Totally Useless Stitch Along for the month of February thru March 3.. I have added quite a bit of orts, some thread bands and even a broken button (had to replace one on HunnyB's sleeve) I tossed in for good measure...

It’s been a while…

….since my last update but I have been busy stitching.  I deviated from my Challenge projects stitching a cute little needle case.  I can’t decide what name to stitch on it… whether to gift it to a friendly stitcher or keep it myself??  I love fantasy pieces with dragons, fairies, castles, wizards and have stitched several pieces along this theme…


This little piece is by Teresa Wentzler and was such fun to stitch.  The entire dragon is stitched using a blended needle with purples and blues.  There are also specialty stitches in white threads and beads to accent. 

TW Needlebook


I have posted updates of my Challenge pieces finished this last couple of weeks on my other page so check them out. 

Speaking of Frogs

Day 3’s project is the cutest little scissors case and I just love the wording…I Don’t Do Frogging….I Do Reverse Stitching…  I think I will adopt this as my theme of rippin out stitches when those little errors in counting occur.


Here is a snap of the two sections that will be stitched together with a ribbon threaded through scissors.  I just love the polka dot lining fabric.  It is really a neat little concept.  I would love to keep these but they will be a gift to one of my fellow stitchers.

Don't do Frogging Front 2.4.11

Don't do Frogging back 2.4.11

TUSAL ~ February

Ahhh,  the TUSAL aka. Totally Useless Stitch A Long ..
Here is a snap of my TUSAL on February 3, 2011.  I have added several snips, orts, some thread bands and a string or two of fabric threads. 

Be A Witch

Today, January 30, I completed he first of my 15 projects. Project #4 ~ Be A Witch by Shepherd’s Bush is the 10th in the B-Attitudes series.  I really love them all, but being a fan of Halloween, this is one I had to have!
I have stitched this on 28 Ct. off-white Evenweave using DMC Threads.  As you can see from the above snap, I need to get a pumpkin, cat, tombstone and 2 little star buttons to embellish with.  I guess that will require a trip to my LNS.  I hope I will have a little will power because last time I was there, I found several things I must have!!

Here is a snap of the completed piece.
Moving on, I pulled out project #1 ~ Glendon Place’s Witches Wheel. 
Glendon Place - Witches Wheel
And wouldn’t you know it, I was attacked by:
I spent 45 minutes rippin out a large section cause I was off by one stitch!  Don’t you just love it when that happens??!!#%^&@!!!
I think this piece is gonna require a lot of froggin along the way.

Another update January 27, 2011

I got back to stitching on my Challenge projects the last couple of days and have been working on the Dragon Dreams ~ Runekeeper.    Another quick snap of the chart:
And todays stitching.   I have completed the Runekeeper and The Seeker:

Round Robin Stitching

I had to put aside my 2011 Challenge pieces this week to stitch on a Round Robin I am in.  It is a group of 6 ladies, 4 in the US and 2 in Europe.  My theme for this RR is Lizzie*Kate’s Green Flip-its.  It is being stitched on 28 Ct. Light Mocha Cashel using the recommended Weeks Dye Works threads. Here is a photo of the completed project as it should be stitched.
And this is a snap of the first section “Plant A Tree” and the border, which says: Be Well~Live Peaceably with the Earth.  There are little Bumble Bees, Red Birds, Fire Flies, Flowers… I just love them!!!
The first project I received to stitch on is Berly’’s.  She sent 4 Lizzie*Kate snippets and 2 patterns by Jodi Evans, which are the first ones I have seen by this designer.  Both of these have a “coffee” theme and I selected one that has variegated threads stitched up in coffee cups called Caffeine.  The variegated threads she included is also new to me called “Six Strand Sweets” by Jessica Burr.  The color is called “Jelly Bean”  and was so fun to stitch !
Naturally, I ran out of DMC # 307 while stitching the border so it is a trip to Hobby Lobby for one skein of thread…ugh… I hope the dye lot isn’t too off and the color matches or I will be having a visit from the frogs…grrrr..!!!


I found this on YouTube and just had to share it.  He is so cute!

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 15

Finally … the final day of the Crazy January Challenge – Starts!

For day 15 I have selected a pattern from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Issue by Raise the Roof Designs called ~ Nickademus.  I really don’t know the reason behind the name but it is a simply darling pattern of a Sock Monkey holding a big red heart.  The pattern calls for small button mittens to be stitched on the hands.  I am stitching him on 14 Ct. baby blue Aida with the called for DMC threads.
Here is a snap of the days progress.  I really got a lot done.



I am stitching a pair of them for a group I am in that is called The Stitching Corp.  It is a group of stitchers that make pairs of Christmas Ornaments each year and the coordinator, Tina mails one of them to a Military Service Member that is deployed and the matching one to his or her family.  Having a son in the Army makes this project something close to my heart.

Now to decide how I want to rotate all these 15 projects in and out to get them finished!

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 14

Can you believe it is almost mid month already?  And tomorrow is the last new start for the Crazy January 2011 Challenge. 
For today’s start I have selected another of the Stitcher’s Surprise projects from my LNS ~ Stitcher’s ~ It is called – Garden Fresh and is stitched on 10 Ct. Sunshine Yellow Tula using DMC perle cotton floss.  Also included with the kit is a darling button shaped like an Eggplant and it was designed exclusively for the Stitcher’s project by Honey Bee.
Garden Fresh1.14.11
Also pictured is the finishing fabric, a cute print with different garden motifs and a deep purple, to stitch this into a double flange pillow. 

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 13

Day 13… a very small start … but a start non the less!
The project for today is Patriotic Pride by Sue Hillis Designs.  This is a cute little piece with snowmen and a little American Flag charm.  I am stitching it on Blue Dynasty 28 Ct. Cashel with the recommended DMC threads.
The snap of the chart:
Patriotic Pride
And the tiny little snow man head I finished today:
Patriotic Pride1.13.11

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 12

It is a good thing that there are only 3 more days left on the starts for this Crazy thing we have gotten ourselves into, because with today’s start I see a theme beginning.

Day 12’s project is by Ink Circles and is titled Full Moon.  Do you see the similarities to yesterday’s piece Trick or Treat Tree ?
This one is stitched up on Silver 28 Ct. Cashel over two using DMC threads.

Ink Circles.Full Moon-pic
And for the days stitching (and frogging):
On another note, I have been asked where to get the patterns for my Day 9 piece – Dragon Dream’s Rune Keeper.  It is available here at 123Stitch.com.  The companion piece – Dragon Dream’s Fairy Tale Sampler can also be found there.

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 11

Oh boy, on the final stretch of the beginnings!!

Day 11’s project is Trick or Treat Tree  by Heart Strings.  I am stitching it using the called for DMC threads on Off White Even weave Fabric.  This one is so cute and the “decorations” on the tree are stitched as separate little pieces, finished off and attached to the “tree”.

Heart Strings.TrickorTreat Tree-pic

……and my days worth of stitching …

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 10

Todays start is a really simple little piece.  Again it is another of the project kits from my LNS called Stitcher’s Surprise.  The title of this one is simply ~ Friends.  It is stitched with pink and green Sampler Threads from Gentle Arts on off white 10 Ct. Betsy Ross Linen.


I WON !!!


Gracie over at Needles Pins and Dragonflies had a giveaway on her blog  and I WON the drawing.  The gift was a DMC Pink Breast Cancer Awareness sewing kit which included A Pink Zippered project bag, Pink Floss Bobbins, A Pink Needle Threader,  & Pink Scissors.  She also included in the package a piece of pretty Pink  fabric with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons printed, some Pink DMC Variegated floss a darling Sterling Silver Ribbon charm and some Pink Mints ! 



I should have included a snap of the pretty 3 dimensional note card..ugh .. I may have to replace the snap.  Thank you so much Gracie… I Love It.

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 9

I am really excited to start the piece for Day 9.  It is a companion piece to one I stitched in the fall.  It is by Dragon Dreams, and were free charts back several years ago titled ~ The Rune Keeper.  It is a grouping of 12 small 40x40 stitch pieces and has a mythical theme to it…A Knight ~ A Sword ~ A Crown ~ A Dragon ~ A Fair Maiden…you get the picture.

I am stitching it on 28 Ct. Angel Blush Cashel linen using the called for DMC and Kreinik Metallic threads. 

And here is the tiny amount of stitching I managed to complete for the day.

  (I did have to stop and order the Kreinik threads since of the 25 some odd colors I do have ~ I didn’t have the required colors…123Stitch loves me!)

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 8

Today’s begin is a small project sold several years ago as a kit from my LNS.  It is titled Shamrocks & Ribbon – by Stitcher’s Surprise (Stitcher’s is my LNS here in Memphis)

It is stitched up on Mint Green 14 Ct. Aida using Anchor Floss and Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads.  Also included are 3 of the cutest little flower buttons for embellishment.
I don’t have a sample snap of the project but here is my small start for day 8:Shamrocks.and.ribbons1.8.11

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 5,6 & 7

I know, I know!! You are supposed to stitch one project per day and then post your progress daily .

I just can’t get that organized .. or rather I hate to stop stitching to take snaps and post them!!  I’d rather be stitchin’ .

Anyway, day 5 is I believe going to be one of my favs.  It is Glendon Place’s  Web of Stash.

I am stitching it on 28 Ct. Sand  Cashel Linen with Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads.


And my 1/05/11 progress:
Web of Stash1.5.11

Day 6 is another cutie and from one of my favorite movies:  Wizard of OZ.  It is by Glory Bee and is Flying Monkeys.  I am stitching it on 28 Ct. Lime Cashel Linen using DMC threads.

The snap of the chart is somewhat misleading as it is a snap of the piece in a hand painted frame.  The actual piece is only the part in the middle square of the following snap:

And progress on this on is:
Flying Monkeys1.6.11

Now Day 7 is a really fun stitch and I just Love Love Love the yummy silk threads it is stitched with.  It is La-D-Da’s  Something Wicked.  It is stitched on 30 Ct. Carrot  Cashel Linen using Splendor Silk Fibers by Rainbow Gallery.

And a days stitching:

Something Wicked1.7.11

I am anxious to get back to stitching on all these starts!

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 4

Day 4 began with stitching on Be A Witch by Shepherd’s Bush.  I am stitching it on 28 ct. off white evenweave using DMC floss.
Be A Witch 1.4.11

Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 3

I have gotten behind in this Challenge, as I spent yesterday (well most of the day) at the dentist.  HunnyB and I both had appointments for our annual tooth & gum scrubbin and we were there most of the afternoon.  I know this sounds like it took jack hammers and sand blasters to do a thorough job, but I guess our dentist was just really busy!  I spent the time waiting reading Living Dead in Dallas by Charliene Harris.  I just love her “Sookie Stackhouse” vampire books.

Here is my day 4 start (and near finish) for the Crazy Challenge.
I selected I Don’t do Frogging by The Cats Whiskers.  This is 2 little frogs that will be stitched together to make a scissors case.  Here is a snap of the pattern:

I dont do Frogging

...and a snap of my progress:

TUSAL and Drawing for TW Pattern

It’s Tuesday, January 4, 2011 and the date for the New Moon for January and posting date for the first TUSAL posting for 2011.  I have orts, floss bands, fabric threads and I think even a worn out needle in mine.  I have discovered that I think I am going to have to change to a larger container before the year is out!

I also need to post the winner of the small drawing I had for the Teresa Wentzler kit.  The winner is Gracie.  I am heading to my email account to send off a email for your snail mail info.  Congrats and I look forward to seeing the progress on this beautiful project. 

Crazy Challenge ~ Day 2

Ok, here it is…Day #2 of the Crazy 15 Challenge.  I selected Paws and Stripes by Stitchy Kitty.  I am stitching it on 18 ct. baby blue Aida.  I haven’t stitched on Aida in so long that stitching over one is driving me bonkers! 
Here is a snap of the progress I made while watching the Football Bowl games on Sunday.

Crazy 15 Challenge–Day 1

Well, it has begun.  This Crazy thing I have gotten myself into. 
January 1, 2011 in the Jackson household started out as a lazy day.  While HunnyB watched the football Bowl games, I started my first project, The Witches Wheel, by Glendon Place.
Isn’t that “Solar” fabric gorgeous?  I thought I would get more done on it in a day, but alas, the frogs had to visit for the new year.  I was off one thread count on a part of it and had to rippp-it out. Confused smileHopefully this wasn’t an indication of what the year is gonna be like!