Dragon Dreams

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Another chart that has been in my “to do” pile is Dragon Dream’s “Fairy Tale Sampler”.  I just love the designs by Jennifer Aikman-Smith .  This piece has 6 different specialty stitches which are stitched with Caron Waterlilies Silk Thread.  It also has Kreinik Gold floss, Mill Hill beads and a darling frog button. 
I also have the 12 freebie charts that were published several years ago on the Dragon Dreams website (when it was open) titled “The Runekeeper” .  I plan to stitch these as a companion piece and have ordered a piece of matching fabric to begin stitching these in my Crazy 2011 Challenge.
On another note, I have set up a separate blog spot to house the Victoria Sampler Hearts of America.  There is a linc over on the right sidebar for this site.

Crazy January Challenge ~ 2011


I thought and thought about it and I guess, call me crazy but I am gonna take that challenge. 

Minna at Ristipistoni has issued a Crazy January Challenge for 2011 on her blog.  The way it works is beginning January 1, 2011 you start a new cross stitch project each day for 15 days.  Then the challenge is to complete all 15 projects by the end of the year. 

Stash diving today, I got together 10 projects that were already kitted up ~ some were small  kits and others were charts and fabric that have been in waiting till the mood hit me to stitch them. 

So be watching for a list of what I will stitch in the challenge and I will update with photos as the year goes on. 

This should be fun!

Friendship Collaboration Sampler

I just finished my Friendship Collaboration Sampler.  As I stated in my last post this piece was the work of three designers ~ Shepherd’s Bush, Charland Designs and Just Nan. 
The verse is:
Though far apart
Still close in heart
Friends will ever be

Here is a snap of Part I:
Friendship Sampler part 1

This section, designed by Shepherd’s Bush has, along with all of the specialty stitches already mentioned (in previous post) has a darling little sterling silver “Shepherd” Charm.

Part II is designed by Charland Designs.  Along with regular cross stitching it has specialty stitches:  Long Arm Cross, Circular Eyelet, Pulled Double Back Stitch, Algerian Eye, Satin Hearts, Small and Large Smyrna Cross and Alternating Mosaic.  Attached in the middle is a sterling silver double heart which is also a Charland Design.

Friendship Sampler part 2

And Part III was designed by Just Nan.  Along with the specialty stitches of Hungarian Variation, Round Satin Eyelet, Rhodes Hearts and Herringbone Stitch there is a sterling silver Peacock button attached.
Friendship Sampler part 3
And here is a snap of the stitching completed.
This piece will go into the pile of “to be completed when the sewing machine gets home from the doctor”.  I also need to find the bell pull hardware for it somewhere.  I have checked online and nothing really blows my skirt up.  Maybe my LNS or Hobby Lobby may have something.  I plan to check there this weekend.

Friendship Collaboration Sampler

Friendship Collaberation SamplerTen years ago (when I was buying everything cross stitch I saw) I got a unique pattern called “The Friendship Collaboration Sampler”.  It is unique in that 3 designers, Shepherd’s Bush, Charland Designs & Just Nan got together to put this beautiful piece together. 
The piece is stitched on 28 Ct. Ivory Linen Banding using DMC and features several specialty stitches and three charms which represent each designer. 
Part one, by Shepherd’s Bush is 56 stitches by 43 stitches and features two little sheep and flowers along with dividers stitched in The Satin Stitch, The Herringbone Stitch, The Rice Stitch, The Hungarian Stitch and The Knitting Stitch.  Also attached in the center of the second band is a sterling silver shepherd charm. 

Friendship Collaberation 11.12Here is a snap of
the first three bands  of Part I that I have completed. The little sheep are adorable!


What is cuter that a Bunny Butt ??
Three Bunny Butts !!!
This is another of the “Stitcher Surprise” kits from my LNS.  I still have about 6 left to stitch and about 15 monthly Santa’s to do.  I now have  12 pieces where I have completed stitching and are in my: To Be Constructed into ~ a pillow ~ a banner ~ a flat fold ~ a Christmas Card Holder (this one is still bubbling as I ponder how to do this.. I want it to be some sort of box, covered with fabric with my '”Sparkles the Snowman” piece attached to the front.  Hard to describe but I know what I want it to look like in my head..just gotta get it out of there and in production. 

This little Bunny Butt piece is on yellow 18 ct. fabric stitched over 2 with one strand of white Whisper thread and one strand of white DMC.  The poofy tails are supposed to be French Knots, but as my FN’s tend to disappear to the back side of the fabric, I decided to use 2 strands of the Whisper thread and 1 of DMC and stitch them over one fabric thread.  I think the first one turned out ok..and RG’s web site says that if you brush the thread with a soft bristled toothbrush the fluff will fluff out.  The finished piece has bright green “Artic Rays” floss stitched for the grass and little button  Easter Eggs attached along the bunny’s feet.  The model at my LNS made me fall in love with this piece and I plan to finish it as a framed piece.
Today was Veterans Day and as I sat watching Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale in  Pearl Harbor, I thought of all of our military personnel, both active and retired and the sacrifices they are making and have made for my Freedom.  I know what the fears of having a loved one “in harms way” as my oldest son is a Sargent in the US Army and has been deployed 4 times. I am so proud of him and I hope all of you will  pray  with me for peace so no more of our brave men and women will have to lose their lives in an effort to satisfy the greed for power and wealth. 

My Sewing Machine has gone bonkers

I decided  on Saturday to finish some of my small projects  and wouldn’t you know it, my sewing machine decided to quit working.  Plans were to construct the flange pillow for my “Give Thanks”, the double ruffle pillow for “Did Someone Say Picnic”, the double flange pillow for “Wish Winter” and construct the banner for “Hearts and Hands for America”..  Those plans were dashed when on the first line of stitching, the machine started eating the fabric.  No amount of brushing, pulling caught threads out and tweaking would make things work properly, so it is off to the repair shop.  I guess these projects will have to be put on the back burner until repairs are done.
Most recently I completed stitching this cute little snowman called “Sparkles”  He is stitched on 10 count Blue Aida with a sparkle thread using Kreinik Metallic threads. Thank goodness for someone’s suggestion of using “Thread Heaven” because this thread is a bear to stitch with.  I would like to finish this as a Card Holder if I could find directions or a pattern to use.  I am not very creative when it comes to putting things together but do have an idea of what I want it to look like.

Then Sunday I completed this little cute piece called “Teatime”  It is stitched on 10 count Aida using 4 strands of DMC in greens and yellows and has a little Tulip and two Leaf charms from Mill Hill attached to the band of the teapot.  I’m not sure how to tinish this one.  Any Suggestions?

I pulled out Dragon Dreams “Fantasy Sampler” and discovered that the fabric I had purchased for this piece was Lugana (which to me is hatefully thick, heavy fabric to stitch on).  So putting that aside until I can purchase another piece of light pink linen, I have decided to work on my Santa Ornaments. 

 Several years ago, I enrolled it a project of the month from Cross-Stitch and More.  I have about 15 kitted up projects from there so with Christmas coming up, this would be a good time to work on them.
This little Santa stitched up really quick.  He is designed by Heart Strings and is called “On the way to the Millennium” as the banner was charted with the year 2000 on it.  I omitted that (since I am about 10 years late in stitching him) and haven’t decided whether to stitch this year or something else like “Peace” or “Joy”.  What do you think?

On to the next Santa..

Two Finishes ~ November, 2, 2010

Election Day…awoke with rain here in the Tennessee Delta.  Temps have been in the mid-60’s and boy does it look and feel like a winter day!  Thank goodness HunnyB got the heavy blankets out Sunday, as I have been huddled up under one most of the day (after going to the polling place and exercising my right to vote!)

Today I worked on 2 kits I have had for many years, which were boxed up in my sewing room.  They are Stitcher’s Surprise monthly projects from my LNS ~ “Stitcher’s”.

The first one finished is:

Hearts and Hands for America.  A cute banner stitched on 10 CT. Betsy Ross Wheat color Lambswool using Weeks Dye Works Over Dyed threads.  At the bottom of the point is attached a small American Flag button.

WishWinter.StitchersSurpriseThen I continued with the Stitcher’s Surprise kits with “Wish Winter”.  It is stitched on 20 ct. Over Two White Valerie.
The fabric has a silver shimmer thread woven in.  The threads are Weeks Dye Works for the lettering and Blue Shimmer Ribbon Floss for the snow flakes.  There are 3 ceramic buttons by Debbie Mum attached.  This piece will be finished as a flange pillow using the shown blue snowflake fabric.

That’s all I have for 2day!

And the winner is ~


~ of the JSC 2010 Christmas Ornament issue is---Sunshine.  I have sent a message to you so please email me by Saturday with your mailing information. 

Thanks for all the great comments and for entering.