Friendship Collaboration Sampler

I just finished my Friendship Collaboration Sampler.  As I stated in my last post this piece was the work of three designers ~ Shepherd’s Bush, Charland Designs and Just Nan. 
The verse is:
Though far apart
Still close in heart
Friends will ever be

Here is a snap of Part I:
Friendship Sampler part 1

This section, designed by Shepherd’s Bush has, along with all of the specialty stitches already mentioned (in previous post) has a darling little sterling silver “Shepherd” Charm.

Part II is designed by Charland Designs.  Along with regular cross stitching it has specialty stitches:  Long Arm Cross, Circular Eyelet, Pulled Double Back Stitch, Algerian Eye, Satin Hearts, Small and Large Smyrna Cross and Alternating Mosaic.  Attached in the middle is a sterling silver double heart which is also a Charland Design.

Friendship Sampler part 2

And Part III was designed by Just Nan.  Along with the specialty stitches of Hungarian Variation, Round Satin Eyelet, Rhodes Hearts and Herringbone Stitch there is a sterling silver Peacock button attached.
Friendship Sampler part 3
And here is a snap of the stitching completed.
This piece will go into the pile of “to be completed when the sewing machine gets home from the doctor”.  I also need to find the bell pull hardware for it somewhere.  I have checked online and nothing really blows my skirt up.  Maybe my LNS or Hobby Lobby may have something.  I plan to check there this weekend.


gracie said...

It turned out beautiful...nicely done. I know what you mean about bell pull hardware. When I finished mine recently, I could not find anything..hence the velvet ribbon.I am sure you will find just the right finish.

vEr0n!c@ said...

What a beautiful design. Your stitching is lovely too. I've been eying this design for a long time now. Your finish had just put it on my wish list.