What is cuter that a Bunny Butt ??
Three Bunny Butts !!!
This is another of the “Stitcher Surprise” kits from my LNS.  I still have about 6 left to stitch and about 15 monthly Santa’s to do.  I now have  12 pieces where I have completed stitching and are in my: To Be Constructed into ~ a pillow ~ a banner ~ a flat fold ~ a Christmas Card Holder (this one is still bubbling as I ponder how to do this.. I want it to be some sort of box, covered with fabric with my '”Sparkles the Snowman” piece attached to the front.  Hard to describe but I know what I want it to look like in my head..just gotta get it out of there and in production. 

This little Bunny Butt piece is on yellow 18 ct. fabric stitched over 2 with one strand of white Whisper thread and one strand of white DMC.  The poofy tails are supposed to be French Knots, but as my FN’s tend to disappear to the back side of the fabric, I decided to use 2 strands of the Whisper thread and 1 of DMC and stitch them over one fabric thread.  I think the first one turned out ok..and RG’s web site says that if you brush the thread with a soft bristled toothbrush the fluff will fluff out.  The finished piece has bright green “Artic Rays” floss stitched for the grass and little button  Easter Eggs attached along the bunny’s feet.  The model at my LNS made me fall in love with this piece and I plan to finish it as a framed piece.
Today was Veterans Day and as I sat watching Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale in  Pearl Harbor, I thought of all of our military personnel, both active and retired and the sacrifices they are making and have made for my Freedom.  I know what the fears of having a loved one “in harms way” as my oldest son is a Sargent in the US Army and has been deployed 4 times. I am so proud of him and I hope all of you will  pray  with me for peace so no more of our brave men and women will have to lose their lives in an effort to satisfy the greed for power and wealth. 


gracie said...

Those bunny butts are adorable! And yes, you softly brush out the whisper and it fluffs up. I join in in the peace wish and safe return of those serving. My dad was US Army at Pearl Harbor and was lucky enough to be a survivor.

Le blog de marylin said...

oh beautiful !
marylin france

chrisstitches said...

How adorable....bunny butts (love it!)
Chris B.

Meari said...

ha... bunny butts... too funny, and very cute.