Vampire Challenge


Visit my book blog for the 2011 Vampire Challenge which begins, well, 01/01/11.

You can catch updates and reviews of books I have read throughout the year by going to Biting Me Softly .

Look what Santa left!

Do I have a direct line to the best Santa in the world??
Look at what he left:
Cat's Whiskers - Don't do Frogging
I Don’t Do Froggin – by Cat’s Whiskers
Glendon Place - Witches Wheel
The Witches Wheel – By Glendon Place
28 Ct. “Solar” Cashel Linen  by Picture this Plus for the Witches Wheel.
Prairie Moon - We'd Turn Back
We’d Turn Back – by Prairie Moon
Glendon Place - Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow – by Glendon Place

AND ON ORDER: (was backordered and didn’t come in before Christmas)

28 Ct “Haunted” Cashel Linen by Picture this Plus to stitch “Sleepy Hollow” AND “We’d Turn Back”.
Aren’t these patterns and fabrics to die for??

AND ……..

KINDLE eReader
A Kindle 3 eReader !! 
I don’t know whether to stitch or read !!
I don’t talk too much about my addition to Vampires and Paranormal reading, but I can really get lost in a good Vamp book!

Now, I do have to tell you all that HunnyB isn’t that tuned into my stitching that he knows what to buy~especially when it comes to getting coordinating fabric.  You see, the trick to getting things you want is to create an email to him, during the year, listing patterns and fabrics (with links to the web addresses for where to order).  Then in early November send it to him.  Makes his shopping easier and you get what you want, not some tacky sweater or another bath robe.

I really can’t wait to start one of the new patterns and I don’t think I will include them in my Crazy Challenge as I am waiting on the fabric for 2 of them.  BUT I may add the Witches Wheel.  I do need to get to my LNS and pick up beads for it.  It is stitched in black DMC but is accented with 5 different colors of Mill Hill beads. 
Also, the Prairie Moon – We’d Turn Back uses Belle Soie Silk thread by Crescent Colors and calls for 22 skeins sooo…. that comes to $165.00 for the threads so I will need to take out a loan to buy them!  There is a conversion chart included for DMC but the piece just wouldn’t be as remarkable without the variegation of the beautiful Belle Soie Silks! 

Gone to the Dogs

I would like to take a few minutes of blogging to introduce you all to my children.  (My 4 legged ones that is).  My two human children are both grown and live far, far away so I don’t expect to see them for the holidays.
Meet Amy and Molly.  Molly is the cutie pretending to be asleep.  Amy is always alert!  They are half sisters, having the same daddy and were born 5 months apart, Molly on 5/31 and Amy on 9/11, both in 2000 so they are 10 years old.
In 2002, Amy had babies, and before they were born, my hunnyb and I had planned to keep 1…JUST 1.  Well, after we decided on the chocolate and tan female, Hershey,
(isn’t she is such a dainty little girl?)
we just couldn’t let go of the cutest one of all, a tri-color (chocolate, tan and red) male which we named Bruno, cause he is a real chunker.  Broad back and thick legs!
With 5 additional pups, we were able to sell 4 of them and gave the “Little Bit” to my BIL. 
Three months later, back came this darling little boy and he was so skittish, I couldn’t resell him or even give him away until he had gotten over the trauma of the house he went to.  (I believe he had been abused by the man of the house b/c it took months before he would have anything to do with hunnyb).  He was scared to death of men…
So…Nestle became a permanent member of our little household.  (I think of all of them he is the sweetest, and he lets us know when he isn’t getting enough attention…he uses his front paws like hands!)
Then low and behold, BIL moved and couldn’t keep the Little Bit so she came back home too!
And that, my dear friends is how we came to have 6 Furbabies.  We love them all, but our house is a regular zoo and has literally “Gone to the Dogs” (but don’t tell these 6 they are dogs…they really don’t know)
On the stitching front… I am not going to start anything new until the January challenge starts on 1/1/11 so I have been working on my Army Seal UFO that I was begun probably 8 years ago for my son that was and is still in the Army.
I am almost finished with the inside border and then have to stitch the outside border that is 6 stitches wide all the way around.  Do you think I might finish it by August?? In time for my son’s birthday??
I know I sound silly about my furbabies, but I am also very proud of my two human children, both boys.  The oldest, Ned is a sergeant in the US Army and Robbie  is the Manager of a major home improvement center.  You know when they were teenagers, I didn’t think they would live to see 21! (I threatened homicide often)
So those of you that still have kids at home, take heart, things do get better with time.

Snowball Fighting ~ Too Cute

This video is so cute.  I had to share it.

Free to a good home!

I pulled out a Cross Stitch kit today intending on beginning it.
Well, while it is a beautiful design in a theme I love, I find that I don’t think I can stitch it. 
Therefore, I am throwing it out as a giveaway.
The design is Noah’s Ark Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.  The design is 9 1/8” X 10 3/8”.  The included fabric is 28 count off white evenweave and also includes DMC threads (over 50 colors) needle, beads and beading needle.
The main section of the piece is stitched over 2 with the border (animals that occupied the Ark) stitched over 1. 
Noah's Ark SamplerThis is where, after reading the instructions, I am a little timid about stitching this, as I have enough problems seeing over 2 stitching!
Now about the giveaway.
Leave a comment on this post that you are interested in having and stitching this project.
That’s it…
I will draw a name from the comments on January 1st.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I completed Dragon Dream’s “A Wizard’s Quilt”.  It was fun stitching the specialty stitches using Caron Waterlilies Silk threads and Rayon Threads.  Also used was Kreinik Pearl cording and Rainbow Galleries Fuzzy Stuff. 
Aren’t his fuzzy Bunny Slippers cute?
I am currently stitching on another Victoria Sampler Heart ~ Massachusetts~ and a darling little “Stitcher’s Surprise” called ~ Butterfly Bunny.
It is stitched on 11 Ct. light Avocado Betsy Ross Aida using DMC and Rainbow Gallery’s Alpaca thread.  I have not used the Alpaca threads before and they are so soft and wonderful to stitch with. 
I am struggling finding projects to stitch on while leaving my kitted up things until the January Challenge begins.  Of course I can always work on the VS Hearts, but after stitching on a couple of them, I have to take a break and stitch on something else.  They are so much alike that it is almost like stitching them over and over again! 

A Round Robin finish


I am participating in a Round Robin in one of the Yahoo Groups I subscribe to.  (I believe I have mentioned this in a previous post).


I received Sharlene’s little project ~ darling freebie designs by Waxing Moon Designs.  They are Seasonal Birds and they are so cute.  I stitched the Summer Sparrow.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I may have to stitch up the 4 designs for myself.  They would make darling little pillows.

A Wizard’s Quilt


Stitching update:

Don’t you just love this chart by Jennifer L. Aiken-Smith of Dragon Dreams titled “A Wizard’s Quilt”?


Here is a snap of my WIP from Sunday till today (Wednesday). 


I am looking for these 2 additional charts from Dragon Dreams. 


A Dragon’s Quilt


Dani The Stitching Dragon.

Can you tell I love fantasy designs??

If anyone has these patterns and want to sell/trade them, please let me know.  I have looked for them in several places and can’t find them.


DaffyCat (aka Sharon) has organized a TUSAL for 2011.  The way it works is
1.  You get a glass container and use it to save your thread clippings, orts (old ragged threads), frog leavings and snips of fabric, thread bands, etc.  ~ you know all that stuff that tends to hang around on your table or chair arm that are the leavings of your stitching.
2.  Post a snap of the jar on each New Moon of the progress of the “filling of the jar”.
2011 New Moons dates are:
January 4
February 3
March 4
April 3
May 3
June 1
July 1
July 30
August 29
September 27
October 26
November 25
December 24

I have officially joined in on this fun and

Here is a snap of my empty jar as of 12/08/2010.Tusal12.8.10
I am not too sure of the size, but I will start with this. 
Now to figure out how to put “labels” on my blog posts!

On a stitchy note. I have finished “Bunny Butts”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Aren’t they cute?

Two New Blogs


Be sure to check out the 2 new blogs I have set up.  There are links on the right sidebar titled:

 Crazy January Challenge Blog which is where I will house postings of my updated projects for the 2011 Challenge.


Victoria Samplers ~ Hearts of America Blog which is where I have moved postings and will post updates to this project. 


I plan, along with the 15 projects that will be chosen for the Crazy Challenge, to also complete several of the Victoria Sampler hearts throughout the year.