Look what Santa left!

Do I have a direct line to the best Santa in the world??
Look at what he left:
Cat's Whiskers - Don't do Frogging
I Don’t Do Froggin – by Cat’s Whiskers
Glendon Place - Witches Wheel
The Witches Wheel – By Glendon Place
28 Ct. “Solar” Cashel Linen  by Picture this Plus for the Witches Wheel.
Prairie Moon - We'd Turn Back
We’d Turn Back – by Prairie Moon
Glendon Place - Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow – by Glendon Place

AND ON ORDER: (was backordered and didn’t come in before Christmas)

28 Ct “Haunted” Cashel Linen by Picture this Plus to stitch “Sleepy Hollow” AND “We’d Turn Back”.
Aren’t these patterns and fabrics to die for??

AND ……..

KINDLE eReader
A Kindle 3 eReader !! 
I don’t know whether to stitch or read !!
I don’t talk too much about my addition to Vampires and Paranormal reading, but I can really get lost in a good Vamp book!

Now, I do have to tell you all that HunnyB isn’t that tuned into my stitching that he knows what to buy~especially when it comes to getting coordinating fabric.  You see, the trick to getting things you want is to create an email to him, during the year, listing patterns and fabrics (with links to the web addresses for where to order).  Then in early November send it to him.  Makes his shopping easier and you get what you want, not some tacky sweater or another bath robe.

I really can’t wait to start one of the new patterns and I don’t think I will include them in my Crazy Challenge as I am waiting on the fabric for 2 of them.  BUT I may add the Witches Wheel.  I do need to get to my LNS and pick up beads for it.  It is stitched in black DMC but is accented with 5 different colors of Mill Hill beads. 
Also, the Prairie Moon – We’d Turn Back uses Belle Soie Silk thread by Crescent Colors and calls for 22 skeins sooo…. that comes to $165.00 for the threads so I will need to take out a loan to buy them!  There is a conversion chart included for DMC but the piece just wouldn’t be as remarkable without the variegation of the beautiful Belle Soie Silks! 


Sharlotte said...

Wow! You've been a really good girl! My husband (he stitching too sometimes) wants to get the Witch's Wheel Pattern. He is currently working on the Sleepy Hollow one. That "Haunted" linen is just gorgeous in real life!

Heffroberts said...

In addition to the "Crazy January Challenge" I have signed up for 2 reading challenges on Goodreads. The group is "Paranormal Addicts & Newbies - Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy" if you are interested. Merry Christmas and enjoy your kindle, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Nook. eBooks are awesome!

chrisstitches said...

You must have been a good girl. Especially the little ornaments ( I like ) for quick finishes. Enjoy the stitching & reading on the Kindle. Stitch, read, stitch, read (& no frogging)