Crazy January Challenge ~ Day 3

I have gotten behind in this Challenge, as I spent yesterday (well most of the day) at the dentist.  HunnyB and I both had appointments for our annual tooth & gum scrubbin and we were there most of the afternoon.  I know this sounds like it took jack hammers and sand blasters to do a thorough job, but I guess our dentist was just really busy!  I spent the time waiting reading Living Dead in Dallas by Charliene Harris.  I just love her “Sookie Stackhouse” vampire books.

Here is my day 4 start (and near finish) for the Crazy Challenge.
I selected I Don’t do Frogging by The Cats Whiskers.  This is 2 little frogs that will be stitched together to make a scissors case.  Here is a snap of the pattern:

I dont do Frogging

...and a snap of my progress:


gracie said...

I think i am going to have to get this pattern...I have a friend who loves frogs...and Ithink it's cute too.

Heffroberts said...

That's a lot of stitching - good for you - I am starting to get wore out and we're not even halfway through our starts yet! Oh well, keep calm and carry on.