Happy Dance !! September 24, 2010

Chief Seattle's estimony
 Oh Happy Dance, Happy Dance !!! I have FINISHED my oldest and one of the earliest cross stitch pieces.  I think I started this one in the late 1989 or 1990 and it had been rolled up one of those plastic tube things that Charles Craft used to (anh may still) sell fabric in.  I thought it was a new piece of ivory Aida..and what a surprise when I unrolled it to find this piece about 3/4 completed last month.  I began stitching on it on Fridays (ie: UFO Friday) and just finished it.  I think it is really nice.  Now to wash and press it and block it and mount it and get a mat cut for it and find a frame....LOL.... isn't it funny how one thing just leads us into another.  Now back to the Delaware Heart and the "Arrowhead Stitch".  Oh btw, I have found another project I want to do.  Found this darling Needle Book at Ink Circles and am waiting on he floss I ordered from Carrie's Creations - "Tropical Rainstorm" to arrive.  It is a very colorful over-dyed thread that goes from blue to read to yellow to orange and all shades in between.  I am going to try to stitch in on black fabric (if I can see it).  Making it according to the tutorial and pictures at Ink Circles.. (a rather nice Blog)


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Beautiful! Congrats on the finish!

jennilynn said...

Congrats on the finish. Do you still have the pattern or can you tell me who is the designer? I would love to do this one.


chrisstitches said...

Good for you! Think you will inspire me to do the same.
Chris B.