Needlebook WIP
I took a short break from my VS Hearts to work on this needlebook design I found on Inkcircles Tutorials 
I am stitching it according to the pattern using Carrie's Creation Hand-Dyed Floss in the Tropical Rainstorm color.  I had forgotten how much I dislike stitching on black fabric, but the bright multi-colors of this wonderful floss reall do "pop" on the black.  So far, I have had the little frog visit this piece 2 times.  I did decide to stop stitching on the border and stitch the geomatric "knots" first so maybe my stitch count will be right on that part.  If I could just count the threads right on this dark fabric, I would be half way through with it.

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SoCal Debbie said...

I stitched on black fabric once, and didn't like it at all! But the floss certainly is bright and looks better on a black background. I'll be watching your progress!