VS-Hearts of America - Delaware

VS - Heart of America
I'm on a roll !! Finished the Delaware heart (#1) today (Saturday-9/25). These little things are quick and fun to stitch.  The specialty stitch for this heart was the "Arrowhead" Stitch.

From the Victoria Sample pattern, a little about Delaware.

Delaware was the first colonial state to ratify the Federal Constitution on December 7, 1787.  It's nicknames are "The Diamond State" and "The First State. Its Motto is Liberty and Independance.  The Peach Blossom was designated as the state flower in 1895 when Delaware was known to have over 800,000 peach trees in her orchards.  The Blue Hen chicken, the state bird, is a symbol of the valiant bravery of Delaware men in battle.  The Arrowhead Stitch in blue, represents the Delaware River, a mainstay in the state's commerce and transportation.  Finally, the Diamond Eye stitch at the bottom of the heart, denotes the nickname "Diamond State" which was, according to legend given to the state by Thomas Jefferson, because he descried Delaware due to its strategic location on the Eastern Seaboard.

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