Tea Cup RR - 2010

It's Already Monday! Time is flying by.  Soon it will be the holidays and I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas gifts yet.

Since my last post I have completed my section on my RR piece for the 4 person robin starting sometime soon.  Have the participant list, just not the mailing dates yet.  My theme will be Tea Cups.  I have stitched a cute little one that has petite pink beads on the roses.  I am including patterns of 5 or 6 other teacups (Orange Blossom, Blackberry, etc.) to choose from along with petite beads to accent each square.  I think it will be a cheerful piece.
Signature Round Robin

This piece I completed on Saturday.  It is a Round Robin that will be a "Signature" Robin.  Each participant in this RR will stitch their name or "signature" somewhere on the piece.  I am not sure how many participants there will be in this one.

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