September 4, 2010

Chief Seattle's Testimony
Jean Farish - America
Here are photos of pieces I began several years ago and now have put in UFO/WIP status. I plan to designate Fridays as UFO day and will rotate these two pieces to and attempt to move them into FINISHED PIECES..!!.. I think if maybe I concentrate on these pieces one day a week I will see some real progress.

I worked on the Chief Seattle piece yesterday and got finished with the buffalos that are background and got 2 more lines completed in the saying...  I think in another couple of weeks, maybe this one will be finished...

I have also just finished a cute Acrylic Coaster for an exchange  with Kay S. on CrossStitchRoundrobinMad message board and am working on a Halloween Ornament I will be exchanging with Darlene V. from the 123Stitch message board.  

Other projects I am working on are Ornaments for the Stitching Corp group, that will be mailed to active service men & women in our Armed Forces.... this one is very close to my heart as I have a son that is in the Army and it makes me smile to think some stranger might be doing something nice to show their appreciation for the sacrifice he makes every day for our Freedom.

I have also just started a 4 person RR that is soooo.. cute.The title is "The Usual Suspects" and it is five dogs in a "Line-Up".  I will stitch 2 of the dogs as the group is only 4 people, but the piece is darling.  Can't wait to see it stitched up.  

Another RR I am starting is a "Signature" robin.  I am stitching a little saying in the center of the piece and then will be mailing it around for the other members to add their name/signature.  I think it will be a real nice piece to add to my collection of things that need to be framed...LOL...

The last piece that is in my "current projects" box in a MailArt piece that will be exchanged with someone on the CrossStitchRoundRobin group.  I have the mail chart selected but am waiting on some Kreinik threads to be delivered that I need for the piece. 

I think that's about all for now. Gonna go stitch a bit before hubby gets back from his racquetball.

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