Is it Thursday ..already ?

I can't believe the weekend is almost here and another UFO stitching day (Friday) is upon us.  I will continue pushing on with the backstitch lettering on my Chief Seattle's Testimony.  This is the oldest UFO I have (in fact it was buried in the bottom drawer of my the dresser I have in my stitching/sewing room rolled up in a plastic Charles Craft fabric tube.  I thought it was a new piece of fabric until I unrolled it.. then what a surprise !!)

I got quite a bit of stitching done this week.  Finished the Halloween Ornament for the exchange.

I also completed 2 onaments for the Stitching Corp.  (sending these to service members that are deployed). 

ABC Ornament

Santa's Rest Stop Ornamens

Also am also almost finished a third ornament for this worthy cause.  With a son in the US Military, I am always looking for ways to honor him and his service.  With this group, we stitch pairs of Christmas ornaments.  One is sent to the service person that is deployed and a matching one is sent to his family.  Tina, our coordinator is a peach for hosting this every year.

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