Chief Seattle's Testimony
WIP 9/14/10
It's Tuesday 9/14/2010 and I have just about finished my oldesr cross-sitch UFO.  Chief Seattle's Testimony.  I got all the back stitched lettering done and one small section of the bottom border.  Since I found this piece about a month ago digging in what I thought was my fabric drawer, I have designated Fridays as UFO days.  And by concentrating on this piece for 4 weeks it is almost finished !! Maybe another week.  I have also finished another ornament for the Stitching Corp, which will be 2 pairs so far.  I would like to at least make another set before the mailing deadline of November 10th.  I think that should be fairly easy to do. 

MailArt Exchange Piece

 I have also almost completed my "MailArt" piece with the exception of the recipient's information which will come later.  That exchange isn't full yet so I don't know who my partner is. The finished project will look like an "envelope"  with the main corss stitched piece on the back.  I will add a lining fabric and then the bottom section of the piece will be folded up to make the envelope pocket.  That is where my swap partner's name, address, city state & zip will be added.  The top section will be folded down and I will stitch my "return" address information.  I have two little star buttons  and some nice gold tiny cording that will be added to hold the top flap down. 

Here is a link that is a great tutorial explaining MailArt.

MailArt Tutorial

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