October 9, 2010

Well I spent the morning “Blog-Hopping”… instead of stitching.  Isn’t it funny how you can go from one blog to another and never get tired of reading and seeing what everyone out there in the big wide world is doing?  And everyone seems to be having giveaways.  Me thinks this is something I may have to entertain in the future.
The latest cute giveaway I have found is at Marnie's Country Fried Stitches .. She is giving away an adorable Needlework Etui with a Halloween theme/twist.  Also Annette and Missy are still going with their 31 Days of Halloween,  and Sarah is still taking names for her giveaway. (three hot link buttons on the right). Dash on over to their sites and enter.. (or don’t  so I will have a better chance of winning) Winking smile.

On the stitching front, I worked on the Army Emblem  for my Army Boy Son that was about 9/10 finished over 5 years ago.  UGH!!! The border is a pain in the #&@ to stitch.  I keep missing a stitch and have to go a froggin … I think I pulled out over 100 stitches on this piece but I at least got 5 more letters stitched back in along with the backing stitch. I am going to plug on - stitching this on Fridays until I have it done .. and done !!! Maybe by his birthday (next August) I will have it finished…

Tomorrow is Sunday-Sunday-Sunday Football... And the Tennessee Titans are butting heads with the Dallas Cowboys.  I sure hope the Titans get their heads into the game tomorrow and we don't have another disappointment like last week!  I am not a huge fan of the game, but my HunnyB is and he gets so into these games.  I will, I suppose be stitching on either the next Heart in the HOA series, or I may start my Lizzie Kate – Dog Rules for People.  I have had the threads for a few days and the kitted up project keeps calling me… Do you hear it?

Here is a picture of a 4 person Round Robin piece I am participating in on one of my Yahoo Message groups with Lynzie, Sharlene and Tina.
My theme is Teacups and Saucers. I have added little Mill Hill glass beads stitched on the fruit and have included packages of different colored beads that can be stitched on stratigic spots on the other patterns.  ( oops…sorry about the wrinkles..)

Well, I guess that is about all the news that is news for today.  Better pull out something to stitch on so I have something to show for the day!

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