October 21, 2010 ~ Is it Thursday already?

…..Where has the week gone?? 

A little catch up.  HunnyB has been in Minneapolis since Monday playing/watching racquetball.  This is a once a year thing that was for the past 18-19 years, here in our town.  It is always a fun time for him to pal around with his guy friends.  I on the other hand haven’t been able to sleep for some reason.  Yes, I have stayed alone.  He has traveled some for his job. And good grief, I was a single parent for 12 years and owned my own house, and raised 2 boys !! I guess as we get older and settled, we get “comfy” in the way we live and when something happens to tip the cart it just takes some adjustment.  That being said:

Can you tell what I have been doing most of the week by this photo ?
Floss Snips
Ahh..Hemm … tuning up the pipes..”Froggie went a rippin, he did rip..uh huh .. uh huh ~ Froggie went a rippin, he did rip..uh huh .. uh huh ~ Froggie went a rippin when he stitched, he did mess up quite a bit..~ Froggie went a rippin he did rip ..uh huh..

I began the week on Monday with picking out a pattern to stitch on the Round Robin piece I received from Tina.  I had decided to stitch on the Halloween piece, and selected a darling  freebie piece by Brooks Books Publishing.  And wouldn’t ya know it,  it had FROGS on it.  Well, about 3/4 the way through, I realized that when I put my floss bobbins in baggies and labled them with the stitching symbol … what did I do ??? I switched two colors, and the first frog ended up with hot pink front legs !! (something told me that there was something wrong, but not until I began with the backstitching did I realize it) .. So that big pile of floss snippets… It was frogs… REALLY FROGS!!

Soooo, after stitching for about 8 hours and ripping for 5 hours, I changed to a simpler pattern and stitched this Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Isn’t he cute with his candy corn and all ??

Dog Lessons 10.21Then this morning I started Lizzie Kate’s “Dog Lessons for People”.. Here is a photo of the piece so far…

The photo doesn’t show up the color of the fabric, and that is what I think is going to make this piece so pretty.  It is called “Sand” but instead of being an off white as I picture sand being, it is sort of a very ..very light pumpkin color… real pretty!!  It is cashel linen, and I think THAT is the fabric I truly like !
I guess that is all the news that is news here.  Don’t forget to visit the blogs I have listed on the right slidebar for some great give aways.

….. and watch out that the frogs don’t visit you !


An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Arghh, sorry to hear you had a visit from some froggies! I hate when they visit me. :-)They visited me a little bit on my baby sampler.

The halloween spider is very cute.

I love the LK dog lessons, I can't wait to see your progress on this one as it's in my to do pile one day. :-)

alyssa_marie80 said...

awww...I love that little spider, so cute :) Sorry about the frogging...They suck :(

SoCal Debbie said...

The spider with the candy corn is cute! Sorry that the frogs/pumpkin didn't turn out the way you wanted!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Ow! Sorrie to hear about your bad case of frogs. Well, you taught them a lesson as I see the photo full of dead frogs there ^.^

Love your spider. It's so cute. Dog Lessons is coming along nicely too.

Terry said...

Sorry you had to do so much frogging. I did Brooke's Hoppy Halloween and completely forgot about it until your post. I just went and found it and now have to figure out how I want to finish it. lol

Stitiching looks great!