October 16, 2010

Well, yesterday was a busy day ~ and I had very little time to stitch on my Monopoly or Army Emblem.  I had lots of errands to run and along with a trip to Hobby Lobby for finishing fabric, WalMart for just, you know, WalMart stuff, my brother's place to drop off some things he needed (he is staying at a rehab center - uh rehabing-which is another story altogether), laundry and a girlfriend's house to pick up school fund raiser stuff I ordered from her daughter, I spent about 2 hours at the car dealership service department getting all the stuff that was needed ~ you know, oil change, air filter, new wiper blades ~ all that stuff they stick you with when you take your car in for just an oil change.  Oh, I haven’t mentioned that I am going to be a Racquetball Widow from this Monday until next Monday.  I am doing excited happy dances  really going to miss my HunnyB while he is away in Minneapolis.  You know, I won’t get to cook dinner every night and do dishes – instead I will have to just sit and cross stitch and watch movies.  What a dull time… Anyway, back to my day yesterday.  I had the car serviced and was told it needed tires…  (I drive a 2004 Ford Explorer-not the Mini Cooper I would love to be sporting around in)… so after spending 2 hours at in the dealership service department, I headed over to the tire center to spend another 2 hours waiting to get new tires.  Then to the car wash to have my baby bathed.  Oh, I didn’t mention that HunnyB is taking MY car out of town and leaving me with the BIG BLUE LOUD MONSTER TRUCK!! 

 Anyway, back to my stitching for Friday.  My two WIP/UFO’s are too big to carry around on errands with me so I had to start another piece. It was a rather small one that was designed by three ladies that own my LNS ~ Jan, Margie & Nina. 
Sadly Nina passed away several years ago due to Breast Cancer.  The piece titled “Hearts of Hope” is stitched on 32 ct. linen in shades of Green and Mauve.  I bought the kit probably 8 years ago and it has been lying neglected  boxed carefully in my sewing room with about 20 other kits I bought around the same time.  All of them are cute, quick to stitch pieces that can be made into pillows, stand-ups or flat folds. The pattern was designed to make into a Needle Roll, but I think instead I am going to finish it as a flat fold.  I bought this really cute pink tiny heart print fabric

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         to finish this piece
that I stitched up this week as a Christmas gift for my water aerobics instructor.  It is a so cute freebie pattern from Sue Hillis Designs.  There is also one that says "Put on your Big Boy Shorts and deal with it" that I need to stitch for my HunnyB.  Anyway, I think the fabric will be perfect for the Hearts of Hope piece also and it will make up into a really cute flat fold. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The other piece I completed stitching on is a really darling Thanksgiving piece ~ Give Thanks ~ the A in Thanks is replaced with a cute little ceramic Turkey Button.  I think I will try to find some small print Thanksgiving like (or fall print) fabric and make this into a ruffled throw pillow…Any other  suggestions ??

Missy-13 days of Halloween giftOn another happy note, I received my goodies from Missy.  I believe I have mentioned that I won the 8th day in Missy & Annette’s 31 days of Halloween.  I got a darling pin pillow that Missy stitched on silver/grey linen.  She backed it with black velvet fabric and added beaded dangles all around with black spiders dangling down and stuck in a little pumpkin counting pin.  She also sent a black spider floss bobbin with red DMC wound, and a bag of Halloween Candy.  Soooo exciting !!!

The last bit of news for 2day is that I received my Round Robin piece from Tina and am in a quandary as to what to stitch.  She sent two pieces, a Mystery/Halloween piece and a Down by the Sea piece.  They are incomplete RR’s that she was wanting to get filled up.  What should I stitch ??  The Mystery/Halloween piece ?? The Down by the Sea piece ?? OR  stitch something on both pieces ??


SoCal Debbie said...

I love reading all your updates. Sorry you spent HOURS with the car! I think you should stitch the Halloween RR. Happy October!

Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly had a very busy day....your package from Missy arrived just at the right time. Since I am still new to the blog adventures, I am not sure what a Round Robin is, but I am sure you can do both and it will turn out great..you have the energy, that's for sure!!!!! Have a relaxing day today.