October 9, 2010–Exciting Update


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That’s 10 Happy Dances !!

I was the WINNER yesterday (10/08/10) in Missy’s 31 Days of Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes, I never win anything so I don’t waste $$ on the Tennessee Lottery, but this one is exciting for me none the less!  Thanks to Missy for pulling my name.  Be sure to click on the hot link buttons (EVEN for Missy and ODD for Annette) to enter their giveaways and become a follower….Missy is hosting a tutorial for a Scissor’s Crypt Keeper…Looks like fun and a fun thing to make for the Halloween season. 


alyssa_marie80 said...

Congrats on your win :)

Missy Ann said...


The link with the picture of your prize is up, so don't look if you want to be 100% surprised.

chrisstitches said...

Good for you....enjoy your prize.
chris b