October 4, 2010

Burrrr…. the weather here in Memphis has done a 180° turn in the last 10 days.  We have gone from the high 90’s (ugh) to the mid 50’s (umm) practically overnight.  I think we aren’t going to have many days of Autumn until Winter is rearing it’s head.  It is supposed to be in the mid 30’s tonight.  I haven’t been out riding around the rural areas this year yet to catch the beautiful Autumn folige so I hope I have a chance to get out before all the leaves are on the ground. 
Here is a updated picture of my WIP on my NeedlebookOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I stitched on it yesterday during the football games.  It took everything I had to keep stitching on this black fabric.  I love the way the threads show up, but it is darn hard to see what you are doing while stitching.
Don’t forget about my Pay It Forward.  I still need 2 people to join in.  Scroll down to Saturday’s post for the info and rules on how a PIF works.  Come on… this could be a great way to meet a few new crafty friends.
Just post a comment here or on Saturday’s post to join in.
Today I plan to spend the day (between laundry loads) stitching on my New Jersey HOA.  It is the third in the series and the fourth one I ha stitched since I first did Tennessee (my home state). 


SoCal Debbie said...

Looks great, Cindi! It will be worth all the trouble and eye strain when you're done! Then no more black fabric for awhile!

DUSTY said...

Looks good Cindi

Debra said...

your wip is beautiful on black.

Meari said...

If you set a small lamp on the floor so that the light shines up through the bottom of your fabric, it'll help you see the holes. Or a while pillowcase on your lap sometimes works. I have a 12x12 slide/negative viewer that I put on my lap when stitching on dark fabric.

chrisstitches said...

Lightning McQueen in my album was like that as it was stitched on black at night.
But I love it & I'm sure you will love yours. Haven't tried the tips as I completed this in 2009 before joining this group.
Chris b

Melissa said...

Hi Cindi!

Your project looks great!

By the way, I sent you an email about my Pay It Forward. I definitely have you down.